Telecom for YTU

Diploma Programme in Telecommunications

The main target group for the Diploma Programme in Telecommunications is engineers who are currently working in the Telecommunication industry in Myanmar. The objective is to train two batches of 30 students per academic year resulting in 90 diplomated Telecommunication Engineers in Telecommunication by the end of the project.

Each Diploma course consists of ten courses covering the topic areas of: Mobile systems, Telecommunication theory, Communication networking, Core, Transport and Radio Network planning.

The full-time programme is taught by Telecommunication experts from Centre for Wireless Communications (CWC) and Finnish industry experts and delivered at YTU.

A concise experimental learning environment consisting of a test bed equipped with base station nodes and relevant network components is utilized for the purposes of the Diploma Programme with the support of MPT, Ooredoo and Nokia. The test bed enables trials on system and network functions including drive by tests together with core, transport and radio network planning. In total 100-120 hours of practical work is planned for a semester.

In addition to technical skills, special attention is paid to managerial skills and innovativeness as well as to working in multicultural environments.

The planned learning outcomes of the Diploma Programme are Engineers who:

  • are fully familiar with the theoretical foundation in Telecommunication systems
  • are conversant with 3GPP standardization
  • have the ability to plan: core, transport and radio networks
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