Telecom for YTU


International mobility of teaching and research staff at Yangon Technological University provides opportunities for intense adult learning and knowledge building both in the latest wireless technologies supporting the adoption of 4G and 5G as well as in the acquisition of efficient practices in e.g. project and data management. Learning on the ongoing 5G related research projects at the University of Oulu is expected to lead the path to deeper cooperation and joint research projects with companies. Usage of the state-of-the-art research facilities during the mobility periods at the University of Oulu also provides novel insights and deeper understanding of how to incorporate research results into teaching curricula.

During the mobility periods, the visiting teachers will be able to be acquainted with best practices in education activities in addition to technical content. Admission policies, electronic handling of applications, evaluation based on HRBA, RBM will be discussed. Furthermore, business aspects will be considered through programmes at Oulu such as Hilla and other innovation environments to provide ideas on support available for start-ups etc. Information will also be shared on funding opportunities and international programmes supporting international networking and exchange.

Student exchange opportunities will also be provided during the project in order to provide suitable interaction with leading researchers and industry in Europe. The objective is to host at least 6 students in Oulu for a 3-month period.

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